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I have "Sold Out" of all of my angoras.  Unfortunately, my DAD got really sick and I didn't have time to care for them properly - so I thought it best if I sold them.   I sold them all but one that I will be keeping as a pet.  I kept Sugar, a REW buck that I got from Karen a long time ago.  He was one of the first pairs that we got. He is still just as beautiful as he always was.  I will keep this site up for a while longer just to show how Beautiful the English Angora is.   

If you are interested in purchasing an English Angora, I still have friends that raise them so I can point you in the right direction. 


Blue "Bear"

Torte - Buck
PJ's Teddy

Broken Black Buck

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Muffy, Mo & Maggie - 2006 State Fair

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Broken Chocolate


We got our first English Angoras in the fall of 2003 from a special friend in Monroe County, WV.  We loved them from the moment we saw them and they still remain our favorites.  Of course they are beautiful but their personalities are just amazing. 
All of our angoras are show quality and full pedigreed.
I have expanded my herd a bit...


Chestnut Agouti - Buck
simba - 1.jpg
"Ears My Heart Simba"

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